Kanye Announces Joint Album w/ Drake – Will It Actually Happen?

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Drake brought out Kanye West last night at his OVO Fest for Day 2 after calling on Rihanna for Day 1. In the midst of excitement, Kanye teased the Toronto crowd asking if they were ready for the Drake X Kanye West joint album. Of course, the crowd returned the question with roars of approval, the question is, will it come to fruition? We all know collab album between two big artists rarely find it’s way through the corporate ladder. There’s been many collab projects that have been announced and we’re still waiting. Freddy Vs Jason is one that easily […]


Back Again: Joe Budden Refuses To Let Up With His 4th Drake Diss, “Just Because”!

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At this point, something must be done within the next 2 days from the Drake camp. Here’s why: Drake dropped his “I waited 4 days nigga, where yall at?” bar in an aggressive manner when Meek Mill was the target, which was a pretty enjoyable bar. However, the impact of that bar is lessening every 24 hours Drake doesn’t respond to Joe Budden. Budden dropped his first diss weeks ago and the only thing we’ve gotten back so far is a couple mediocre bars on French Montana’s, “No Shopping”. Typically, when dealing with an actual emcee, you need to reply […]


DJ Khaled calls in Big Sean & Kendrick Lamar on “Holy Key”!

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DJ Khaled is getting ready to drop his project, which features another all-star line up. Today, he came through with his third leak from the project and the best one yet! Kendrick X Big Sean. These two drop two fire verses you have to run back a few times each. We think both verses were great, Kendrick being the favorite on the track, Big Sean didn’t let him take the spotlight, he dropped a verse just as hot as Kendrick’s. All together, this is just a dope track. Check it out below:


Schoolboy Q’s “Blank Face” debuts at the #2 spot!

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Schoolboy Q’s “Blank Face” numbers are in and the TDE rapper landed #2 on the Billboard, which is a great accomplishment on top of pulling in over 70k units sold in the first week. As we said in our last piece, some may look at 70k as a semi-flop but we don’t look at it that way. He may have sold more in the first week with his Oxymoron but it’s still a solid win in our books especially in today’s age and in comparison to more “popular” rappers who couldn’t even come close to selling 70k units in the […]


Light Jab: Drake throws a couple shots at Joe Budden on French Montana’s “No Shopping”!

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French Montana comes through with his new single, “No Shopping” featuring Drake. Apparently this was recorded before the two Joe Budden diss songs but it sounds like there could have been a quick retake to add in some bars toward Budden. They were a quick few bars and pretty light compared to the damage Budden has done with his, “WAKE”. Drake played into the “Pump It Up” joke which is pretty expected. However, it wasn’t a clever, hard hitting bar by any means, just a light jab. We’re pretty sure this was just a quick shot to hold out for […]


According to Young Thug, Gangsters Can Wear Dresses Too

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Baggy pants, women’s dress…in Young Thug’s world it makes no difference if you’re a Gangster. After all, wearing baggy pants doesn’t make you a thug, right? So, is that to say wearing a dress doesn’t make you NOT a thug? I mean the actual attire that’s being worn matters less if they have and are willing to use multiple weapons, right? A gun in your face is still a gun in your face, even if they’re wearing leggings with Ugg boots. If you were standing in front of a gun, would you be less afraid if the person was wearing […]