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"I've been making music for years and I've dealt with a lot of people/companies. Hip Hop Rebel is by far one of the best companies that I've worked with. They really care about the art and pushing quality music to the masses. Since working with them I've gotten thousands of REAL fans that follow and connect with my music. I would definitely recommend them over any other company out there!" - DEENA JONEZ

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We do not accept ALL submissions. In fact, we only approve around 50% - 60% of artists who submit music. Hip Hop Rebel is one of last hip hop brands left who doesn't promote everything just for a quick buck. We typically disapprove music w/ heavy drug promotion such as Lean, Xanax, Molly, etc and almost always disapprove most "mumble" rap. We have the right to deny any submission in order to preserve the quality of our brand. If you're a lyrical artist who still appreciates and focuses on the ART, submit your video now!

We make it easier to invest in your career by offering REAL results even if you're working with a limited budget!

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We never generate fake/bot views, likes, shares or comments. We'll run ads to your Sponsored post to make sure your video gets 10k - 30k views within a few days!

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